* Detail from "The Gift" (Mythic Journey Series)
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Eliza's work can be seen on a regular basis at:

Miya Gallery (Carries Gestural Series only)
20 N. Main St.
Weaverville, NC

Statue of Liberty

If you’d like to email the artist, please write to:info@elizahafer.com

Bourne Media
The Elizahafer.com site was designed by David Bourne, MFA. Bournemedia offers digital media production and design; including video, installation and web creation. Bournemedia also configures and instructs the use of digital media equipment and software.

Journey Into Wholeness
conferences and seminars explore the relationship between modern spirituality and the psychology of Carl Jung.

You are the Vision
a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of positive, uplifting opportunities for the betterment of the individual and the collective whole.

    * Detail of "A Clarion Call" (Mythic Journey Series)
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